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To build a successful smash repairs business, Inverell owner Mitch Cameron will tell you that it's a lot like lego.

The building blocks need to fit just right.

Was it fate or fortune that planted Mitch as an apprentice in a smash repair business where he wanted to be a mechanic? Whichever it was, Mitch quickly discovered that he loved it - the beauty of the finished product - the pride in restoring what was broken to new - and he wanted to build a smash repair business of his own, with an emphasis on heavy vehicle and truck repair. This could be because he grew up around heavy machinery; otherwise, it was due to his belief that Inverell needed a smash repair service for trucks, buses, tractors and other machinery. "I wanted to fix the things that someone relies on in their business."

But what does this have to do with Lego? Equally important to Cameron's Car and truck Smash Repairs (and 24-hour towing) is a work environment that produces excellent quality panel beating and spray painting. "It's a lot like lego - it won't fit together unless it's the right pieces," says Mitch, "and if a lego piece goes missing...." You get the picture. Cameron's Car and Truck Smash Repairs places a huge emphasis on training up a new generation of qualified, dedicated smash repairers. He nurtures his staff to complete quality work and the excellent results speak for themselves.

When a happy customer suggests they might just crash their car so they can get it cleaned again, the team know they've done a great job. For all you insurance needs, car and truck repairs, re-sprays and professional paintwork - if you  need a tow in the event of a breakdown - plus, to take the headache out of all insurance claims - Cameron's Car and Truck Smash Repairs and 24-hour Towing will give you prompt, reliable service, attention to detail and most importantly, Mitch's icing on the cake: Shiny rims on a washed and cleaned up vehicle.

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